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These policies are created for both myself and my clients health and safety in mind. Your space is my work environment and I have to keep it controlled as I am more vulnerable being so close to someone. 


1. I will always sanitize my hands before, during and after your appointment.

2. I will be using disposable, single use tools whenever possible and all brushes and makeup are cleaned between each client.

3. I ask for 5-10 minutes in between each appointment to clean my work area, wash my hands, and clean + sanitize my kit.

4. Please do not touch my supplies and keep children away from the work area.

5. Please do not eat or drink anything during your application or near where makeup is being provided. 
6. If myself or a client is feeling sick or showing symptoms before the appointment or the day of, I ask that you be          transparent. I ask for absolute honesty to keep us all safe.

7. I am reserving the right to refuse any service which I feel may impact the health and safety of myself or others.  

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